DIY Guide for Resetting the MAC OS X Keychain Password

If you are using the MAC OS X, the keychain first aid helps in resolving the keychain problems and problem related to administering the computers. And if Key chain first aid finds any issue with the computer repair or if you don't know the keychain password, you need to reset the keychain password. Resetting the same will keep aside the original keychain file and will create a new file. The tech support is the best option for resolving all the problems of the MAC OS X in addition to providing you other computer services round the clock.

The default keychain will bind the user to the administrator password upon the creation and will thereby continue to update when the administrator password gets updates through the Accounts menu. You will not be able to use the password or updates in any case. The points mentioned below will help in resetting the keychain password, but take online computer help, for higher benefits and efficiency in results and performance:

• The first step is search to /Applications/Utilities/

• Find and double click on the icon of Keychain access. This will start up a keychain access window.

• Go to the top of the screen and find the "Edit" menu and from the drop down menu select the option the option of Change Password for Keychain "login"

•  On the window that appears first enter the current password, and if you are a first time user the password will be the administrator password.

• Next enter the new password.

• Retype the new password in thee verify box.

• Select the "OK" tab and this will help in saving the changes you have made to the keychain password and close the window.

If you are not able to access the keychain password or recently have reset the password, other than the Accounts menu, the only way is to delete the keychain passwords that cannot be accessed. The following steps will help in doing the same:

• Go to the /Applications/Utilities/

• Select the Keychain access icon and double click the same.

• On the new menu that appears select the option of Edit menu on the top of the screen and select the Keychain List from the drop down menu.

• Select the key chains that are not accessible and confirm that no other key chains are selected.

• Select the "OK" option when it is complete.

 The above mentioned process requires high technical knowledge and the best solution is to take the computer help that too at very less prices. You get the computer services from the Microsoft, Red Hat, and CCNA certified tech experts. The instant technical support is provided for the OS support, peripheral support, and security support and for the tuning support. The system speed is enhanced with the computer services by the tech support. The tech support team helps to provide the resolutions of the system while you are sitting at home. For the enhanced system performance and productivity take online computer help and get longer life of the system also.

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