Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Legal Cheat codes

In one month Cafe World has became one of the most popular games in online history. Currently there are over 30 million active users, gaining about 500,000 new players each day. However there is an equally large group devoted to trying to run the best cafe in the world. I consider myself one of these people.

With this strong desire to win it's no wonder that people are looking all over the net for Cafe World cheat codes. Even I'm guilty of it which is why I am now writing this article about cheats for Cafe World so that I can share some details with you.
You see, the company that makes the game, Zynga, are great at their job. As soon as a new cheat or exploit is revealed they have their programmers patch the loophole so we cannot exploit it anymore. Now what I am about to say(or write!) is going to shock you. You see the way to stay ahead and build the top cafe isn't actually to use Cafe World cheats. It is to use 'legal cheats'.

There are literally hundreds of exploits or cheats in the game that allow you to jump ahead of your friends and neighbors and dominate the game. 
Your friends will all become very jealous and start begging you for your secrets! Now there isn't enough room in this article to list all of these exploits but I will tell you this. 
In Cafe World it is possible to use legal cheat codes to do the following: -Increase your Cafe Points(experience points) -Increase your Cafe Coins(In fact I have about 4 million coins sitting in my account right now) -Jump huge amounts of levels in short periods of time (I am level 50 as of writing this!) 
-Build your cafe faster while playing less time You see while Cafe World cheats do exist, it is not the best way to go about dominating the game as you can be banned forever! 
Which no one would want. You need to work with the system not against it, to really be the top of the food chain!
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